We recorded this for the Virtual Winfield that took place the third week in September 2020.  Had a great time doing it!

Performed by 3 Trails West during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. We learned this song from the legendary band Moby Grape. It was featured on their 1989 album "Legendary Grape."

Our latest video.  "Desert Skies", written by Toy Caldwell.

Here's our parody of "Don't Fence Me In', Coronavirus Edition.

3 Trails West

3 Trails West is passionate about vintage Western Music. We've dug deep to uncover recordings that got left in the dust. Our journey has taken us down some old rutted swales, "Trails Less Traveled", you might say.  We hope our music sounds familiar in the way that only a good Cowboy song can; like putting on a favorite shirt, a little faded and frayed at the collar, but more comfortable for the wear.

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